About us

About us

NYIGF is a platform that lets people, especially the younger generation, have a safe space to gather and discuss matters pertaining to internet governance. NYIGF also does not discriminate against people from various countries and races. We welcome anyone who wants to have their voices heard.

Our Core values

This initiative serves as a platform to empower young people to be part of public policy Internet discussions which affect the lives of us all.
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Our goal is to provide factual information and content about the aspects of internet governance, policies, and security. We want to be a platform where everyone can express their thoughts freely and safely. Here at NYIGF, you’ll interact with people who share the same goals and thoughts with regard to internet governance.

We envision a world where we utilise the use of the internet to our advantage and growth. We know that not everyone is familiar with internet governance and we want to be a platform wherein people can gain knowledge on internet governance, policies and security. With safe and smart internet governance, everyone can safely and more efficiently grow as a community and be more productive.