Nigeria Selected as the Host Country for the 2023 Africa Internet Governance Forum

Nigeria Selected as the Host Country for the 2023 Africa Internet Governance Forum

The Africa Internet Governance Forum (AfIGF) is delighted to announce that
Nigeria has been chosen as the host country for the prestigious 2023 edition
of the event. The AfIGF is a vital platform that brings together
stakeholders from across the African continent to discuss and address
pertinent issues related to Internet governance, digital rights, and the
future of the Internet in Africa.

Scheduled to take place in Abuja, Nigeria from the 19th to the 21st of
September 2023, the 2023 AfIGF aims to foster collaboration, knowledge
sharing, and the development of sustainable policies that promote an
inclusive and secure digital ecosystem in Africa. The event will provide a
unique opportunity for government officials, policymakers, civil society
organizations, academia, technologists, and industry leaders to engage in
dialogue and exchange best practices.

Nigeria, with its rich cultural heritage, vibrant tech ecosystem, and
thriving digital economy, is well-suited to host the 2023 AfIGF. The
country’s commitment to digital transformation, coupled with its efforts in
bridging the digital divide, makes it an ideal destination for this esteemed
gathering. Nigeria’s selection as the host country demonstrates the
recognition of its leading role in shaping the future of the Internet in

The 2023 AfIGF will serve as a platform to discuss various themes and
challenges related to Internet governance, such as digital inclusion,
cybersecurity, data protection, emerging technologies, and youth engagement.
It will feature thought-provoking sessions, workshops, and interactive
discussions led by renowned experts in the field.

The event will also provide an opportunity for participants to explore
Nigeria’s diverse culture, traditions, and hospitality. From the bustling
markets of Lagos to the historic landmarks of Abuja and the natural wonders
of Calabar, attendees will have the chance to experience the country’s
unique blend of tradition and innovation.

The Africa Internet Governance Forum Secretariat expresses its gratitude to
the Government of Nigeria for graciously accepting the responsibility of
hosting the 2023 AfIGF. We believe that this collaboration will lead to
fruitful discussions, actionable outcomes, and impactful initiatives that
will shape the future of the Internet in Africa.

We look forward to welcoming delegates from across the continent and beyond
to the 2023 AfIGF in Nigeria. For more information and updates about the
event, please visit

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